[sdiy] Scope

Moho Disco moho at mohodisco.com
Sat Dec 1 19:45:20 CET 2001

That did it!  Sheesh, thank goodness somebody on this list
has the exact same scope!  Sweet, thanks so much. Sometimes
I don't know where I'd be without this list...  definitely much
dumber...  ...er, more dumb...  ...er, nevermind.


P.S. - Man, my Mono/poly is soooo NOT putting out pure
waveforms! (even though it sounds like it is)

At 04:50 PM 11/30/2001 +0000, tpaddock at seanet.com wrote:
>I doubt this is it, but could it be in delayed sweep mode?
>Set HORIZONTAL MODE switch to A.
>Rotate the "A and B SEC/DIV" horz rate knob all
>the way down and back up some to lock them together.
>Sometimes a bright spot is showing what will be expanded
>when you switch to delayed.
>But I bet that's not it.
>Maybe try this:
>Wire from PROBE ADJUST to CHAN 1.
>Chan 1 set to .2V/div.
>VERTICAL MODE left switch to CH 1.
>AC GND DC switch to DC (also try wiggling if it's dirty)
>A and B SEC/DIV set to .5 mS.
>Adjust intensity to taste.
>On mine I'm seeing a square wave about 2 divisions high.
>Push BEAM FIND, it should shrink down and get bright. That
>lets you find the beam if it's way off the screen.
>Good luck,
>Toby Paddock
> > So I'm trying to test out my new scope here...
> >
> > I attached a Radio Shack RCA to BNC connector
> > to probe 1's socket, turned on a square wave on
> > my Mono/poly, connected a cable... and there it
> > is on the screen...  ...sort of.
> >
> > What I'm seeing is a horizontal line of fuzz with
> > a bright spot in the center.  I can't seem to zoom
> > in on it to see the actual waveform.  I have pretty
> > much turned every knob and switch on this thing
> > to make the waveform bigger, but nothing works.
> >
> > Any help is appreciated...
> >
> > Lava
> >
> >

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