Power supply?

Theo t.hogers at home.nl
Fri Mar 31 19:07:33 CEST 2000

Any number of modules is quit a lot.
But a say 50W or 100W supply should not be a real problem.
A "ring kern" transformer (sorry don't know how to call them in english)
some short circuit protection,
a net filter, a soft start (a power fet, optional) and a few stabelizers
(LM317) must be enough to do the trick.
You can use a poti's to change the voltage from the LM317s that way your not
limited to one output voltage.

Hope this helps.
Cheers Theo

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>     All of these wallwarts are driving me nuts is it posible to build a
> power supply that could drive any number of modules? Say all of the
> modules use +-15V.
> --M

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