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Tony Clark clark at
Fri Mar 31 22:37:19 CEST 2000

> PS: The "exstreme" Chebyshev makes a kind of "vowel" VCF, at least that's
> what I hope of it.
> Don't know if it is even possible to build it.
> Simulation suggested that 7th order had the right bumps and holes in the
> frequentie responce.

   Just curious, are your intentions to make a fixed "vowel" VCF?   
Otherwise, I'd suggest a triple-bandpass filter ala MOTM or MAM, etc.  
And if three ripples aren't enough, just chain another module in 
parallel.  At least then you can sweep the filters to get those true 
vocal-like sounds.
   And sure, it's quite possible to build them, but if I recall 
correctly, getting the component values "just right" starts getting fun 
after 4-th order.
   Good luck.


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