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Theo t.hogers at
Fri Mar 31 12:34:56 CEST 2000

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Hello my name is Theo, [Hello Theo]..
I have a confession to make "my math is crap".
Oeff... (It's like a heavy load is lifted from my shoulders.)
Gladd there are talk groups like this...
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I managed to do high school exam in the only year that differential
equations where not part of the curriculum.
At university we where offered two exstra lessons (in one week) to learn it,
failed to do so...
One of the first courses at university was network annalisis (or convolution
theory in practice).
The teachers where kind enough to pull us through, don't know how i ever
made it.
Can't remember a thing about it, failed at advanced math classes that

After all who needs complex pole pairs when there are normalised filter
Well if you need a 7th order Chebyshev with a 20dB ripple (like i do now)
there are no normalised tabels.
So for me it is back to school again.
Annybody join me? will be nice to discuss "home work".

Cheers Theo

PS: The "exstreme" Chebyshev makes a kind of "vowel" VCF, at least that's
what I hope of it.
Don't know if it is even possible to build it.
Simulation suggested that 7th order had the right bumps and holes in the
frequentie responce.

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