Can you feed audio through a synth?

Troy Sheets tsheets at
Fri Mar 31 20:12:25 CEST 2000

What exactly do you want to do with audio through a synth?  You can filter
it... which is sorta boring.

If you want something really cool to f*ck audio up with... you should
put it through a vocoder.


On Fri, Mar 31, 2000 at 09:52:18AM -0500, DrumBoy5 at wrote:
> Hello
> I've been kind of a sleeper on the list, but I've been meaning to ask this 
> for awhile.  I've seen products on the market (especially the Roland DJ 1000, 
> but also the Roland JP-8080) that seem to allow you to imput audio and run it 
> through LFO, Modualtors, etc.  Instead of paying $800 for a Roland DJ 1000 
> mixer/small synth, is it possible to design my own audio synth?  Also, does 
> anyone have plans for an auto BPM counter with a numerical readout (also on 
> the Roland DJ 1000)
> Info+specs on roland products can be found here:
> <A HREF=""></A>
> Thanks
> Morgan

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