Can you feed audio through a synth?

Hiryku Lin hiryku_lin at
Fri Mar 31 18:52:51 CEST 2000

Well, if you want to just mix the audio with a synth
sound, a simple ring modulator will do. PAiA has a kit
for one. I'm doing a slightly modified version that is
more like an analog synth. As for LFO, VCF, and stuff
like that, I've been thinking about adding some of
that in, but not too much lately. There's also a lot
of vintage synths out there(don't bother with the new
"groove" stuff, originals are better) have external
audio in that'll allow you to run it through the
filter and such. My SCI Pro-One does just that, hardly
ever use it though. Nice to play around with on my
707. Hoep that helps.

--- DrumBoy5 at wrote:
> Hello
> I've been kind of a sleeper on the list, but I've
> been meaning to ask this 
> for awhile.  I've seen products on the market
> (especially the Roland DJ 1000, 
> but also the Roland JP-8080) that seem to allow you
> to imput audio and run it 
> through LFO, Modualtors, etc.  Instead of paying
> $800 for a Roland DJ 1000 
> mixer/small synth, is it possible to design my own
> audio synth?  Also, does 
> anyone have plans for an auto BPM counter with a
> numerical readout (also on 
> the Roland DJ 1000)
> Info+specs on roland products can be found here:
> <A
> Thanks
> Morgan

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