Electronotes ,My math is crap!

Bjorn Julin bnillson at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 31 02:42:32 CEST 2000

Horray, my math is crap too!!
Anyone else of DIY'ers whos math is
tottaly devastatingly crappish?

BJ (the hamster and the swedish prime minister)

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>Yeah, I got that too.  No letter or anything.  Wonder what's up.  More to
>As my math background is crap, there's limited value in the material for
>me.  But I sure like seeing Bernie writing some more.  If this was 1974 it
>would be all the encouragement I'd need to take a bunch of math classes.
>Back then it didn't seem necessary.  So you younger guys - "keep at it!"
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>Hi Everyone:
>Bernie Hutchins is still publishing, I received EN #191 and #192
>Both issues were mostly devoted to the first part of a multi-chapter
>on analog signal processing, which I took a quick look at and found to be
>very interesting.
>Terry Michaels

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