OT: son of slinky reverb

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Fri Mar 31 01:35:52 CEST 2000

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<<How about a reverb built from a slinky, with an actuator at one end, and a
transducer at the other.
A bit of feedback could keep it oscillating for LFO effects, and it would
look cool hanging from the side of your modular ;-)
You could build separate actuators and transducers for longitudinal and
transverse waves.
Now if you could get an LFO slinky made from light emitting wire... ;-)

Colin f>>

More, FWIW:  

While this hasn't worked on a slinky, I've played springs in reverb tanks 
with an E-Bow (I guess a more over the top version of their normal 
operation).   Also toaster oven grills.  Electromechanical possibilities 


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