Slinky reverbs

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Fri Mar 31 00:13:58 CEST 2000

(Apologies to Barry Klein for goofing and oops sending the following to him 
'stead of Synth-DIY--K.)

FWIW:  recently got a slinky, used mere Scotch tape to temporarily attach one 
end to the bottom of a 1 qt. yogurt container (made of thin rigid 
plastic--not the softer, thicker, more durable plastic).  Makes fun, quick & 
dirty acoustic reverb/ray-gun sound maker set-up with slinky hanging free.  
Guitar pickup (humbucker in this case) will pickup vibrations even if 
magnetically gripping the spring (dampens low freq vibes tho').  Haven't been 
industrious enuf to go the speaker/driver route;  afraid the speaker sound 
itself would be less than discreet.

Interested in how this goes,
Kevin "Lurker" Seward

In a message dated 3/30/0 4:47:06 PM, you wrote:

<<Looking at some documentation on the Accutronix reverb cans, it talks

about rotary actuation of the spring, moreso than linear motion like a

speaker would provide.  Is this critical?  I'm thinking of using some old

disk drive actuators(!).  Maybe WDC can start a new Slinkyverb product




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