Slinky reverbs

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<<The hard part is attaching the spring to 
the speaker, but with a little glue, hardware, and 
ingenuity it can be done. The speaker doesn't even need the 
cone in place to function, just the spider to keep the coil 
centered. Adjusting the spring tension can be interesting, 
particularly when sending a signal through the system.

So if the cone is absent, what would you glue the end of the spring to? I'm 
imagining a Slinky that's about 3" in diameter & therefore too big to attach 
to any voice coil that I'd want to sacrifice for this purpose. The advantage 
of using a coneless speaker would be that the device would hopefully produce 
no acoustic output that would interfere with the purely Slinky derived 
signal. I can see it working nicely with the Slinky hot-glued to a cheap 4" 
speaker cone, providing the drive level isn't so high as to hear the speaker 
by itself too much. I placed my piezo pickup near one end of the Slinky, 
though I imagine interesting results could come from having several pickups 
placed along the length of the spring, & the damping effect of the pickups' 
mass might be helpful to control the spring motion, also.
Scott Fraser

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