PCB finished...

Roel Das Roel.Das at student.groept.be
Thu Mar 30 20:22:59 CEST 2000

These should be the final versions of the PCBs:

Tomorrow morning, I'll run over them again, add the finishing touch, and
bring them in for fabrication...

Today, I added mounting holes on the mixed signal pcb, and went really crazy
on the ground plane.
I also added protection lines (digital ground) next to the mux address
lines. This results in 2 lines of the digital ground crossing the border as
well... Is this protection worth having these 2 extra lines in the analog
part? It's not good to have digital ground on one side, and analog ground on
the other (BTW thanks Harry...). But this protection seems nice.
So, is it worth it, or should I take the protection from the analog ground?

And next week: software!!

Thanks everybody

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