Mad Mouse

J.G. Wong adaaxs at
Thu Mar 30 06:48:14 CEST 2000

I am now working on another Mad Mouse and am thinking about maxing it
out.  Instead of using external vco's I though it might be cool to
upgrade the components current archetecture and add temperature
compensation.  The original calls for 3 TL074 and 2 Lm 13600 The vco
being one of the TL 074.  There is a heater and sync mod that is
available but I'd like to try an alternative approach.  If I can
stabilize the oscillators on this a little more I can justify dedicating
a Midi -cv interface channel

Has anybody done the complete set of Marjan Mods ? I realise that Mouse
2 is coming but having built a PAIA Gnome and failing to get it to work
all those years ago, my first MM was such good therapy.

any help appreciated


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