Crumar Roadrunner II

BonoVox9 at BonoVox9 at
Thu Mar 30 06:58:53 CEST 2000


Thanks to everyone who gave me their comments on the FatMan kit.. I bought 
one, received it, and built it, but, I can't finish it because I am waiting 
for that desktop case. So, I have no idea if I made any mistakes. I got all 
of it done, except for the voltage regulators and the wiring, in less than 24 
hours. I worked on it feverishly, I didn't have anything better to do. Blah

Anyway, my question today is, does anyone know anything about a Crumar 
Roadrunner II keyboard?

and i have another question

what can I expect from the combination of the FatMan with SEQ-303 and ARP-X8?


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