analog keyboard (and back to mellotron)

matti at matti at
Thu Mar 30 05:45:30 CEST 2000


ok, two questions :

1)does anyone havew any schematics, and/or instructions for going about the 
building of an analog keyboard? I don't want to have to mess with a bunch of 
MIDI-CV converters/the MIDI input range on the Fatman is limited/analog is 
niphtier. Monophonic is all that I'm really looking for, but polyphony is good.

2)Assuming that I were to build this, is it possible to rig some sort of cricuit 
that will vary the speed of a tape-deck's playback (I'm thnking a tape with a 
continuous 550 Hz sine wave recorded to it), or do tape-decks not work in a 
compatible manner? 

many thanks.

6669the RaabidMuttn Speaks6999


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