OT: Junk clearout

Trevor Page trevor at resonance.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Mar 29 20:35:39 CEST 2000


Just some bits and bobs I want to get rid of. I need to create some space in
my rather crammed student room! I am in North Wales, UK.

I don't really want anything for the following besides postage, but any
'donations' gratefully accepted (cans of baked beans, etc!).

 = = = = = =

6 Network cards. I don't really know anything about them, but if anyone has
specific questions on these cards then I'll have a closer look at them. They
are ISA and I have not tested them, but I am pretty sure they are working.
Varous types.

1 Printer management unit. Automatic box thingy that switches one printer
between 6 PC's. Has a button and 7-seg LED display on the front. Small and
heavy. I assume it works; I could always test it.

Three or four 486 processors. One 50MHz and a couple 33MHz I think. Nice
paperweights? Should be working fine. One other chip that went with a 486
but I dunno what it is.

Also I have a Ceibo DS-750 programmer / emulator kit for the Philips 87C750
/ 87C751 / 87C752 microcontrollers. Maplin sell this, you can see what it
looks like in their catalogue. It is in a plastic case thing will all the
bits except the serial lead for the PC (one could be made up easily). With
power supply, manual, software, ribbon jump lead to the IC socket for
emulation. Quite a nice kit, but I don't see me using it. Maplin sells it
for 50 quid. Make me a silly offer, I just want to get rid of it. I am
thinking of removing the ZIF socket off it if nobody wants it.

1 Paratronics Model 100A Logic Analyzer. Funny thing that connects to a
scope and displays 0's and 1's. Made in the 70's. I have not tested it
fully. It is a tabetop unit with large switches along the top to select the
trigger word, and a few other mode switches. Ribbon cable to connect to
logic circuit. Free to takers before I dump it. I have a much larger logic
analyser, I do not need this little one.

Last of all I have this ST-114 HSP50214 Harris Downconverter Evaluation
Board. Complete with manual and Windows software. Dated June 13, 1997. The
board itself fits into the ISA socket of a PC and is quite a large board,
with a sample HSP50214 chip in a socket. Plus tonnes of other IC's. I really
don't know much at all about this bit of kit. But if anyone is familiar with
this device then they might find this board interesting to play around with.
It seems to work. Anyone?

 = = = = = = =

Cheers, Trev


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