White LEDs / New LED developments

John E Blacet blacet at metro.net
Wed Mar 29 10:33:57 CEST 2000

"But I'd like to ask John... how bright are they exactly? Could they be
as a head-light? With a bunch of them, could it be possible to give the
same kind of illumination as a 3 - 6 volt halogen bulb? In a kind of
flash-light with reflector kind of arrangement?"

--My impression was that it was brighter than my two cell maglight, but
the batteries in the mag are probably 75%. The color is bluish (6500K)
which makes the mag lite look yellowish. The shop had some arrays
mounted on a PCB with tiny 1/2" diam reflectors. They also had three LED
flashlights; don't know how many cells; they were mid size between a two
cell AA and a two cell D. The LED looks like it has a lot of VF, but did
not measure this yet.

One LED makes a nice reading light for camping; probably would go with

John Blacet
Blacet Research Music Electronics
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