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Y-ellow Y'all.

At 10:39 PM 03/28/00 -0500, you wrote:
>> These would make nice little console lamps on a mini gooseneck. Too
>> bright and a bit expensive for indicator use though...but you could
>> filter these with a gel and get ANY color!
>If you think that's cool, wait till you see THIS!
>Light emitting wires! It looks really neat!

If you think that's good. Try light Emitting polymers. I have a stolen
article in PDF format on my FTP site somewhere. Worth a read. Just make
sure you've got a hanky handy to catch the drool.

These guys are making colour video displays out of them and they're
printing the pixel patterns on with a modified bubblejet printer. I'm not
kidding. These guys are making 7 segment displays that are printed onto a
film material which can then be wrapped around anything. Further, they can
actually print this stuff or impregnate it into any 3Dimentional object you
desire. They're talking about car tail lights which are one piece but light
up as required. When this stuff takes off you can forget conventional
display technologies of all sorts. colour laptops with no backlighting and
a display panel less than 3mm thick. Not to mention a 180 degree viewing
angle. As simple to drive as a LED and more flexible (In every sense of the
word) than LCDs. And with a lower latency. Large screens as big as you like
down to small screens as small as you like. In any shape you like.

I can't remember the full path but if you go to my FTP site 
<ftp://all-electric.com> and poke around you'll find it there somewhere.

BTW. If you are interested in lightwire then Jameco have it. You need some
kind of special power supply for it though. They sell those as well.

>They look a bit pricey, but I am sure they will come down in time.

Yeah they are but then again if you have an application that would be
outstanding with the application of a bit of lightwire then I guess it'd be
worth it.

Finally. I've not seen a white LED but I saw some people typing about it on
usenet some time back. They suggested that because white LEDs have a narrow
bandwidth in each colour, they cannot quite be used as you would an
incandescent light source.

But I'd like to ask John... how bright are they exactly? Could they be used
as a head-light? With a bunch of them, could it be possible to give the
same kind of illumination as a 3 - 6 volt halogen bulb? In a kind of
flash-light with reflector kind of arrangement?

They sound ideal as a bicycle headlight but a skater's headlight has to be
brighter as a skater needs to see the ground in some detail. I've even
thought of using a scanning laser for this but the cost of getting one to
scan is beyond what I can afford.

Anyway I'd be interested in what you think about white LEDs as a headlight

Thanks in advance.

be absolutely Icebox.

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