Where to get special ICs? (From Switzerland)

Jozka Neduchal diyjn at gmx.net
Wed Mar 29 11:00:25 CEST 2000


try http://www.segor.de (download the catalogue program).

They sell the DSP 56002 FC66 for DEM 69.

Regards Jozka

Original message from: "Alex Stettler"
>Hi all!
>I need from time to time a special IC or other component for my
>projects, like a MCU, a special Op-amp or in the near future a DSP. And
>I'm living in Switzerland.
>And it seems, that it's a very big problem to live in Switzerland a want
>to get special ICs! :-)
>I've found the www.QuestLink.com which sells international.
>So I tried to order 2 DSP56002FC66 from Motorola for starting to
>experiment with DSP.
>But today I got a mail from them, that I'm an international customer,
>and so they are unable to check my
>credit card.
>And a similar problem exists with Newark Electronics, they sell only to
>USA an Canada.
>Then the next is Farnell, but a lot of ICs they only sell in quantities
>of 64 or more it seems to me. And I havn't got the money to buy a whole
>bucket of DSPs at the moment.
>So does anyone know a website or a company which sells special ICs like
>DSP, MCUs and other analog specialities to Swiss customers?
>And which won't have any problems with my normal VISA-Card :-)
>Many, many, many thanks for all suggestions and help in advance!!!

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