Looking for MKS70 midi spec / editor

Fraser, Colin J Colin.Fraser at scottishpower.plc.uk
Tue Mar 28 22:08:50 CEST 2000

Since picking up a Roland JX10 some time ago, the thing that annoyed me most
about it was the lack of editing via midi.
To fix this, I have reverse engineered the JX firmware, and added support
for the same sysex edit commands used by the MKS70.
I haven't added the patch edit code yet, but will do so soon. 
Tone edit was more important.

I still have a slight problem, however.
I developed and tested the sysex edit code using Midi OX, and have been
typing sysex strings in manually.
This is a bit of a retrograde step from using the front panel...

I have two apps that should let me edit with a graphical interface - Cubase
and Midi Quest 7.
Cubase Mixermaps seem to be broken. I have monitored the output from the
MKS70 mixer map, and it doesn't send the data byte correctly, even when I
configure the slider objects exactly as described in the manual.
Anyone know if I'm doing something daft ? Or is it just broken ?

I have the beta MKS70 driver for Midi Quest 7, but before this lets you open
the patch editor, it wants to do a system exlusive patch upload from the
I've tried various options, but it doesn't want to work with the JX, so I'm
assuming the sysex bulk transfer protocol is different on the MKS70.

Has anyone got the MKS70 service manual they could scan for me ? I just need
the system exlusive implementation details so i can make the JX behave as if
it were a MKS.


Colin f

PS I will make upgraded JX10 firmware eproms available once I complete the
patch parameter edit code, if anyone's interested.

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