Lead to Lithium

Theo t.hogers at home.nl
Tue Mar 28 13:04:56 CEST 2000

Hi Plinio,

Currend limiting res. is a good approach for backup
batteries, if the currend is small enough the batteries can't
be overloaded.
For your app. a intelligent charger looks like a good solution,
it's not the cheapo solution thoug.
This are uP controlled chargers that monitor the condition of the
battery, keep it in shape and can addapt to strange voltages.
They also do NiMH battaries (NiCd is old and gone within the next few years
better look at NiMH's).
There are some DIY types but they are quit complex to build.
Some good and cheap types come from conrad electronics www.conrad.de
prices vary from $40 (80dm) to about $100 (230dm).
'Course there should be plenty of other sourses for this to.

Hope this helps.

Cheers Theo

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> Hi all.  Thanks for all the replies on my busted amp and the DAT battery
> Yesterday, I went and bought several NiCd batteries and wired them in
series in the
> original batery seal for a perfect Fit (I was kind of proud of myself).
> Of cource this was before I got replies from Peter Blackett and Hugo
(which I just got).
> Both told me this would not be that simple (especially if I was changing
batery types ie:
> lead to lithium) because I would need a different way to charge it.  Well,
sure enough,
> last
> night the batteries worked for a couple of minutes real well (I guess the
batteries were
> somewhat charged)  but I have not been able to rehcarge them.  And, I
don´t think I want
> to keep trying anymore (don´t want to mess up the DAT).
> So here is my next question.  How can I make a simple charger for NiCd
cells from the
> original 7.4 volt supply.  Is it a better idea to buy a charger?
> THe pack I made is not very robust, I supose about 400mAH, I´m just
guessing here.  But
> at the store there was a really nice pack (large): NiCd 6V 4.5 AH.  So If
I could make or
> buy a charger to charge my home made pack and the larger one, I would be
set.  THe
> larger one for long hours, and the smaller one for more portability.
> On Barry Klein's I read there are different ways of building chargers:
current limiting
> resistor, voltage regulator, intelligent voltage something or other.
Which do I need for
> NiCd?   And, isn't the wall wart voltage regulated?
> By the way Hugo, since you have the same DAT I do , do you know if I can
still get those
> batteries  (it would be a good Idea to get the original replacement, but I
did not find it
> on
> their web sites havfe you replaced yours ever?
> Plinio
> Plinio
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