mellotron sampler?

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<<I know this is way impractical, but I have plans to build a massive 
sequencer & sampler that runs off of lots of relays and tape decks with 
rec/play heads and looped tape.  I have two questions:
whats the minimal amount of circuitry I need to make a device that can 
convert a normal audio signal to the signal that a record head needs, and 
converts what a play head reads back to another standard audio signal? Does 
this involve complicated processing? or are tape heads pretty simple 

That's definitely the hard way. An easier, but much less flexible approach is 
that taken by, I think, a guy in Cabaret Voltaire. He had a bank of Sony 
Walkmans sitting on a table with the Play/Pause buttons facing up. He played 
this like a keyboard, unpausing & repausing deftly. The cassettes were 
prerecorded noises & loops.

Scott Fraser

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