Lead to Lithium

Plinio Barraza plinio at mail1.orientation.com
Tue Mar 28 08:44:28 CEST 2000

Hi all.  Thanks for all the replies on my busted amp and the DAT battery hack.  
Yesterday, I went and bought several NiCd batteries and wired them in series in the 
original batery seal for a perfect Fit (I was kind of proud of myself).  

Of cource this was before I got replies from Peter Blackett and Hugo (which I just got).  
Both told me this would not be that simple (especially if I was changing batery types ie: 
lead to lithium) because I would need a different way to charge it.  Well, sure enough,
night the batteries worked for a couple of minutes real well (I guess the batteries were 
somewhat charged)  but I have not been able to rehcarge them.  And, I don´t think I want 
to keep trying anymore (don´t want to mess up the DAT).

So here is my next question.  How can I make a simple charger for NiCd cells from the 
original 7.4 volt supply.  Is it a better idea to buy a charger?

THe pack I made is not very robust, I supose about 400mAH, I´m just guessing here.  But 
at the store there was a really nice pack (large): NiCd 6V 4.5 AH.  So If I could make or 
buy a charger to charge my home made pack and the larger one, I would be set.  THe 
larger one for long hours, and the smaller one for more portability.  

On Barry Klein's I read there are different ways of building chargers: current limiting 
resistor, voltage regulator, intelligent voltage something or other.  Which do I need for 
NiCd?   And, isn't the wall wart voltage regulated?

By the way Hugo, since you have the same DAT I do , do you know if I can still get those 
batteries  (it would be a good Idea to get the original replacement, but I did not find it
their web sites havfe you replaced yours ever?



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