mellotron sampler?

walter carpenter t02e at
Tue Mar 28 06:06:51 CEST 2000

Hi all.

I know this is way impractical, but I have plans to build a massive 
sequencer & sampler that runs off of lots of relays and tape decks with 
rec/play heads and looped tape.  I have two questions:

whats the minimal amount of circuitry I need to make a device that can 
convert a normal audio signal to the signal that a record head needs, and 
converts what a play head reads back to another standard audio signal? Does 
this involve complicated processing? or are tape heads pretty simple 

2nd, anyone know of where I can buy in bulk things like tape heads with a 
cassette holding chassis and some voltage controlled motors?
(I know this is probobally 2 different suppliers)


PS. I hope you all can put up with this very irrational idea, but I'm a big 
fan of doing things the hard way, and having all the glitchs create most of 
the music in the process...

-walter carpenter
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