OT: Question about DSP from TI

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Tue Mar 28 02:13:51 CEST 2000

>From: "Alex Stettler" <x_ray at hanfi.com>
>To: "DIY Synth List" <synth-diy at node12b53.a2000.nl>
>Subject: OT: Question about DSP from TI
>Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 00:18:08 +0200
>Hello everyone!
>I've a OT-question about the DSPs from TI. Does anyone know, what
>happened to the TSM320C1X series? There are only 3 devices available.
>The devices like TSM320C10 and so on, which seem to be ideal for a
>beginning DSP project, aren't available anymore.

Stop,Stop,Alex, the C10 is one of the first DSP on a sillicon
to the open market its a 1982 device, its old as hell
and its not maufactured anymore.

Besides its inceredible bad choise for anything musical
related. Go to MOT and have a look at DSP56 series instead
they have decent tools for free to, or at least use one of
the newer C54x/C5x range from TI or even use the ADSP2181 instead.



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