Stompbox Cookbook

Barry L Klein Barry.L.Klein at
Mon Mar 27 19:29:44 CEST 2000

I wonder if you guys have seen this book.  I saw a little reference to it
in Popular Electronics and then finally managed to find a website
describing it.  I bought it and it is pretty interesting.  There are
things in there that I've never seen discussed before.  All is intended
for guitar, but I'm sure this material will help many of you.  Its pretty
assuming in its presentation (beginners may have trouble understanding
what the circuits do), but a plus is that wiring and board layouts are
given, making it easier for you to build the projects.   The book does not
give a biography of the author however and I'd like to know more about him
and his background.  His name is Nick Boscorelli.  Anyone know much about
him?  He also had a series of newsletters out before the book came out and
had intentions of republishing them.  I'd like to get them but haven't
been able to find anything on availability.


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