Lead to lithium battery hack

Plinio Barraza plinio at mail1.orientation.com
Sun Mar 26 23:03:12 CEST 2000

Aside from being down over the amp accident, I am happy because I got a new toy.  A 
portable DAT.  I bought it from Dave Solursh a while back, but it was sitting in New York 
for some time waiting to be brought to Colombia (By the way Dave... thanks a million I am 
real happy and exited to start using it).

The only thing is, I think the Lead Acid battery is too old because I have not been able
recharge it yet.  So I am wondering what kind of a solution I can come up with (ordering 
replacements will take a real long time from here, so I need a temporary solution).  

The battery is a 6Volts 800mA (the power suply is 7.4 volts 1.6A).  Would it be safe to 
bundle a diferent kind of rechargeable battery (say Lithium) to give me the right voltage 
and amperage (it could be a simple hack...just need the right connector).  

I have two worries about doing this.  Obviously, I don't want to mess up the DAT.  Also, 
should I aim to go for the 6V 800mA of the battery or can I go all the way up to the 7V 
1.6A of the wallwart.  Third, If I make a battery out of several smaller lithium
batteries, how 
can I recharge it (by just connecting this battery to the power suply for a couple of

I have this bizare impatience sometimes its good and sometimes its bad,   but I would
apreciate any help on this subject.  



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