Hacking line inputs into old boom boxes

Grant Richter grichter at execpc.com
Sat Mar 25 23:17:54 CET 2000

Pretty much any amp can be hacked into
at the volume control pot. Wire a normally
closed jack in series with the hot side of
the volume control. Ground the jack to the
low side of the volume control.

Note: Only do this if you are SURE the chassis
is grounded. Some old TVs have "hot" chassis
that are connected to the AC line.

This doesn't apply to anything battery powered.

> From: CCartCat at aol.com
> To: synth-diy at node12b53.a2000.nl
> Cc: slm at ultranet.com
> Subject: OT:  Hacking line inputs into old boom boxes
> Date: Saturday, March 25, 2000 3:19 PM
> I'm considering putting line inputs into one or more of a collection of 
> partially departed boomboxs (dysfunctional cassette transports, mostly). 

> The oh-heck-why-not-blow-it-up/bent circuit method would seem to be
> into the inputs as if to replace the cassette play head.  I was wondering

> about other relatively quick & dirty approaches.  Perhaps some sensible
> as well, tho' still on the side of simplicity.  As I have no great need
> the radio, tips on tapping the line inputs into the radio would be great.
> All this would be without benefit of schematics, so any clues are
> And I would likely run them on AC, so tho' I already know to stay away
> the power supply, any safety tips (std. disclaimer applying of course)
> welcome.
> I'm a lurker with basic to intermediate grasp of electronics (have built
> boxes, LFO's from scratch, a kit or two, etc.).  Just trying to eek a
> crazy lo-fi functionality out of these devices rather than heap them into
> landfill.  Suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Kevin Seward

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