Keeping things going (was Re: Another 4558 Question)

Tim Daugard daugard at
Sat Mar 25 02:13:00 CET 2000

>>At least thats the way the military justified spending
>>umpteen million dollars on anti-static programs.

>Really? I thought they plainly admitted that they wanted their computers to
>keep going even if they got nuked [EMP pulse from nuke is much similar to
>mains surge tho..}

I had the unique experience of watching the computers keep going. I was
working some new automatic test equipment (ATE) when there was a noticeable
bang. The computer kept going fine. In less than five minutes there was a
nice fireplace glow behind a blank rack panel. We finally decide the
computer was not going to find a problem so we shut the system down.

Engineering reported a ceramic bypass capacitor shorted out, the 10 amp DC
supply didn't overcurent from its programmed current and a middle level
trace got nice and hot.

Now the local thunderstorm brown outs were a different matter. If power
dropped to 100 volts the system shut itself off.

Tim Daugard
Still catching up and avoiding doing my taxes.

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