Favorite quad op-amps for synth design?

Tim Daugard daugard at sprintmail.com
Sat Mar 25 01:42:25 CET 2000

To Jim Patchell and all,

>interested in audio of any sort, LM324's are not the answer.  They are nice
>to use in DC applications where the input bias current is not a problem.

I'm a fan of LM324s also. I start all my designs with a 324 and then switch
to a better (? - at least different) op amp only when I can't get the 324 to
do what I want.

>with those who do not dismiss this part out of hand.  It has it's uses.

Without a doubt. Unfortunately Mouser has raised the price to 28 cents. I
bought some for 15 cents but not enough. What this country needs is a good 5
cent quad op amp.

Tim Daugard
Lurking and trying to make a living at real estate. (after showing houses
all day and avoiding doing my income tax)

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