Fw: [sDIY] Enter and sign in please...

Jim Patchell patchell at teletrac.com
Fri Mar 24 23:43:48 CET 2000

    Cool!  Hope you will be able to eventually post some pictures of  _this_


Dana Scott wrote:

>  Well, you did say 'please'.
>  The biggest piece of 'junk' I have is _the_ ARP Omni breadboard. It is
>  complete and mostly hand wired ( by me ). The phaser board is a production
>  piece( actually two of them stacked ) and the ADSR is a board from an
>  Explorer. It also has a 4109 filter board from the Centaur. It has no case,
>  it's just a bunch of circuit boards and wires bolted to a large piece of
>  masonite.
>  -Dana
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> > PS Please - more about the junk!!!!! DS
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