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Ben Stuyts ben at
Fri Mar 24 20:46:00 CET 2000


It was on Fri, 24 Mar 2000 11:18:41 +0100 that Theo wrote:

> > That brings back old memories.... You mean the ACN SoundTrack cartridge? I
> > made that thing somewhere around 1987. That is really nice to hear
> > somebody's still using them.
> >...
> > That's why we choose the weird
> > 'write by reading' trick. If I remember correctly, by setting up your
> > registers careful you could reach sampling/playback speeds of up to 55 kHz
> > that way.
> >
> The ST is faster than that, it does 100KHz using the sound merlin FINT
> routine, no more room for annything else in that case (;-)

Under interrupt? Not bad...

> You say 'choose' the write by reading trick, is there an other way to write
> to the rom port?

No, don't think so, but we had to choose the same address lines as the  
competition, of course.

> The last mod went to some revisions, the filter was replaced by one that
> follows the sample ferquentie.

Ah, I did some experiments with switched-cap filters at the time too. But  
there wasn't time to put it in the final sampler, plus it would probably have  
made it too expensive.

I did look at designing a 16-bit version of the sampler later on, but at that  
time the ST market was already dwindling. So I got me a NeXT. B-)

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