Mad Mouse

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Fri Mar 24 20:35:31 CET 2000

How am I supposed to know if Tom is busy these days?  I'm not his neighbor.  
And as far as buying boards when they're available...maybe some people can't 
afford them at the time.  Maybe they live in a country where the cost of 
shipping is more expensive than the board itself.  Maybe they rather have a 
complete synth like the Mad Mouse than just a VCO board.


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>Tom has lots of stuff going now.  EFM has offered 15 boards since the
>original Mouse.  There are more people who want VCO boards more  than
>Mouse boards  and more projects are coming all the time.  How much can
>the man lay out  for us ?
>When boards and hard to find parts come up, buy them.  Don't wait. It is
>the best deal going .  You can build it later.
>G w
>"J. C." wrote:
> >
> > Maybe if enough people ask...Tom G. might make a batch for us. *hint* 
> > :-)
> >
> > J.N.
> >
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> > >Can you still get mad mouse boards?
> > >Rob Rickner
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