Better OP-07 type for audio?

Buck Buchanan voltagecontrolled at
Fri Mar 24 17:04:40 CET 2000

Hi all,

harrybissell at wrote:
> OP-07 is OLD OLD OLD...
> and
> SLOW SLOW SLOW... Its really no better for audio than
> the 741, of which it is a greatly improved version...
> Use when you need very low offset voltage and fairly low
> bias current... and speed of .3V/uS
> Don't use for audio.

In situations where offset trimming to <100uV doesn't improve much if
anything (say, driving an SSM2164), the OP-07 has been handy for use w/o
trimmers.  But apprarently that was a boo boo (woops - better go look at
that module a little harder and see how well it's *really* working).

Any suggestion on op-amps with same offset specs as the OP-07 but
suitable for audio?  Spoze if they get too expensive though it's back to

Thanks mucho,


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