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Don Tillman don at till.com
Fri Mar 24 16:43:08 CET 2000

   From: "Bjorn Julin" <bnillson at hotmail.com>
   Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 21:05:26 GMT

   >This has to be the best thing I have ever encountered on the web.....

   Yeah, cool stuff, is this jelly some cind of Java or what?

It's a Java applet.  Very cool indeed.  (There's a problem running on
Mac's, something about a missing jar file, but such is life.) 

It models these insect-like creatures with a simple collection of
masses and springs, and links some of the springs to various phases of
a forcing function so they can crawl.  Try messing with some of the
creatures a bit; reduce the friction, increase the spring constants,
tweak the muscle movement.  Grab one of the mass points with the mouse
and fling it around.

The movements of the creatures are entirely captivating.  Why?
Because we don't see this style of motion in anything but real
animals.  The way a change propagates down the body of the creature is
something you won't see in animated cartoons or puppets.  

Tapping the positions of some of these points would probably give you
a reasonable choatic sound source, eh?  Could an analog synth module
be built like this?

  -- Don

Don Tillman
Palo Alto, California, USA
don at till.com

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