[sDIY] Enter and sign in please...

Dana Scott danas at egosys.com
Fri Mar 24 18:19:02 CET 2000

 Hi All,
 I just joined the list. I'm not sure how long I'll stay, it will be a
combined nostalgia trip and fixup exercise. My name is Dana Scott. I came to
this list from a post I saw on the e-mail list for Atmel AVR
microcontrollers.  Nostalgia trip?? Yes, I worked for ARP Instruments from
1974 to 1980. I know a _little_ about analog synths. I know nearly nothing
about Midi.  Fixup exercise? I got a Kurzweil Ensemble Grande for free. It
obviously does not work. I'm looking to fix the Kurzweil and hopefully
connect it to the odd pieces of prototype 'junk' I've had kicking around my
basement and attic for 20+ years.
That's all for now.
-Dana Scott

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