Osilloscope Quetions

Steve Richardson prefect at sidehack.sat.gweep.net
Fri Mar 24 14:19:04 CET 2000

mitchell wrangled the electrons to say:
> guaranteed to work. A lot say they are missing test probes? Are these
> hard to get? Someone suggested earlier to get something with a range of

http://www.probemaster.com/ is a source of probes.  I bought four
probes from them to fill out the channels on my Tek 2465, and I know
our technician at work has purchased some as spares.  Decent prices,
decent quality .. Not as nice as OEM probes, but they don't cost as
much either.

> 20mhz. Is there anything else I should look for or stay away from I am
> planning to use this for working with home made synthesizer modules and
> general experimentation?

A 20MHz should be fine.  That's one of the nice things about working
on analog synth stuff - the bandwidth requirements are pretty relaxed.
"Not sure if it works" probably translates to "found it in a junk heap
next to a dumpster during a rainstorm."  IMHO, it's worth spending a
little more to get something of known condition.  eBay may not be the
best place to do this.  If you're in the Boston area, the MIT flea can
be a good place to find test equipment.  There are a couple of really
nice older guys that sell older refurbished scopes for around $1/MHz.
A lot of them tend to be the venerable Tek 465 series, but those will
still do the job.  However, it's anyone's guess as to what you'll find
from other vendors.  I found a pair of older (early 80's vintage)
Philips scopes for $20 each.  Ended up giving them to friends that do
audio DIY stuff..   

Other folks on the list will probably be able to point out spots to
get good deals elsewhere on the web or the old fashioned way (in person). 



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