Favorite quad op-amps for synth design?

Batz Goodfortune batzman at all-electric.com
Fri Mar 24 04:25:44 CET 2000

Y-ellow  Harry & Juergen
	Oh I have been assuming all this time that the OP-07 was some new damn
thing from AD. I never see this stuff anyway. In fact down here I'll
probably never see another 837 for that matter. Since all the distro that I
use to deal with have been pushed out by cowboys who won't sell you so much
as a postage stamp unless you buy at least 300 units. And even then you'll
have to wait three months while they import them from the US. Down here,
you may as well just buy the stuff from the US straight up and be done with
it. At least your lead time will only top 6 weeks. And generally it's
cheaper even after you've factored in the shipping costs. Which for me is
mandatory. It's either that or I just give this shit up and take up basket
weaving. Which, given this mystery EEPROM problem, is looking more and more
like a soft option.

Not meaning to bitch but it use to be the case where a tube was enough to
qualify and they use to keep stuff in stock locally. Not any more. And if
you're lucky enough to find the component you want at one of the
increasingly lame electronic toy shops you'll find you probably could have
imported a tube of the things for the price they're asking for a single item.

If you think maplin are bad...

Anyway. Sorry if that caused any confusion. For OP-07, read. "Any damn new
fangled op-amp for which the makers claim is better for audio than anything
gone before."

Hope this helps.

Be absolutely Icebox.

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