PCDs updated...

Roel Das Roel.Das at student.groept.be
Fri Mar 24 01:10:29 CET 2000

Hello again...

I've had such good comments (and way interesting too...), please keep it
Thanks so very much! And it's very motivating too, look:

The analog pcb is updated. Rearranged the components a little, to get the
connectors on the outside, added mounting holes and more groundplanes.
Take a look: www.geocities.com/roelrules/pcb.html

At the moment I'm working on the mixed signal PCB. This is where I really
need your help. Really frightens me...
It's on the same page, a little lower...

And could anyone check the gerber files for the first PCB? I don't know if I
had the software doing the right thing. And I haven't got a clue which file
says what, or what program I can use to check them...

Thanks alot,

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