SV: a 2600 2600

Theo t.hogers at
Thu Mar 23 23:32:22 CET 2000

just lov' those old beast, (got 3 ST in active (midi) use and resently added
a mac SE).

> . Does anyone know
> if the Atari STs have something similar to the SID
> chip?
> -Brandon

No the sound ship in the ST really sucks, think of it as a SID without the
without the pwm, and whitout a usefull ENV.
Other than that you got 3 square occ, one noise source
and a very basic ENV function (A,D and repeat).

One of mine ST's has a romport sample modul,
work well as a monophonic sampler
(software is still beta, if it intrest you give a yell).

Cheers Theo.

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