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Hiryku Lin hiryku_lin at
Thu Mar 23 20:10:47 CET 2000

Understand your pain on that. But not to worry, 2600's
are a dime a dozen now, and I have regular access to
them. But relating to the Atari 8-Bit comps, I just
got my second Atari ST(I frigin' love those things!)
and along with it, a bunch of books and such. One of
the books was a ST Basic programming book and I was
flipping through it at work, when I came across
something I found interesting. Of course with most
computers they have some manner of internal sound, and
this basically showed you how to program in songs(much
more of a pain than a Yamaha portable sequencer). But
as I read on, it started to get into a thing about
controlling the envelope and filters. Does anyone know
if the Atari STs have something similar to the SID
chip? Also relating to video games systems, I've been
keeping my eye out for a cheap Odyssey^2 with a voice
module. I love that voice synth sound. 


--- Karl Helmer Torvmark <karlto at> wrote:
> Hi!
> Apart from me thinking it's a bit sacrahielagous
> (sp?),
> I guess an old-style Atari 2600 could be used for
> housing
> a synth. But then, I have warm feelings for this
> Atari
> (spent a bit too much of my childhood playing it,
> perhaps... :-)
> On a related note, does anybody have schematics,
> data sheets or
> info about the Atari Pokey sound chip? This chip was
> used in Atari's
> 8-bit computer, as well as their arcade games.
> Thought it might be
> nice to build a synth around a couple of these
> (somewhat akin to
> the Sid-Station).
> ---------
> Karl H.

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