a 2600 2600

Hiryku Lin hiryku_lin at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 23 18:22:00 CET 2000

I must be in a wierd mood today...
I work in a video game store, we sell and trade. Well
this morning I took in an Atari 2600. Dusty as hell,
with a few bug parts on it(I hope you people take
better care of your stuff :P). But I was standing
there, cleaning it, when I took at look at the wood
paneling. Kinda reminded me of the good ol' synths.
That's when it struck me like a lightning bolt...
Gutting an Atari 2600 and putting some kind of synth
in it. The little elevated part would be perfect for a
row of knobs and sliders. The flat top part would work
with either a keyboard or more knobs, and have the
whole thing MIDI or CV controlled. Any body done this
before and I'm just slow on ideas as usual? Anyone
know of any synths that might fit it? I've even
thought of doing a synth from scratch. I originally
thought a FatMan, but I'm not too sure if that'll fit.
Any input is welcomed! 


Yes, I know a 2600 wouldn't fit... I just thought it
was a clever title. :P

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