Favorite quad op-amps for synth design?

Grant Richter grichter at execpc.com
Thu Mar 23 08:20:36 CET 2000

> In practice these days though, the best tends to cost no more (and
> sometimes less) than the worst. For example a 741 now costs more than an
> LM833. Why would you want to use one? If a circuit specifies a couple of
> 741s, or even a TL082, You can generally just whack in an 833 in it's
> place.  (assuming you're designing the circuit board from scratch of
> course) Unless, as someone previously pointed out, that the original
> circuit was designed around the characteristics of that op-amp. 

One note of caution regarding the 833/837 is the somewhat high
input bias current of (gasp) almost a micro-ampere.

These will not work so well in sample and hold applications that
rely on the JFET input of the op-amp for microscopic bias currents.

Weren't there some op-amps that had MOSFET inputs?
Does the CA3140 or 3130?

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