Favorite quad op-amps for synth design?

Batz Goodfortune batzman at all-electric.com
Thu Mar 23 05:25:12 CET 2000

Y-ellow Alex.
	The NE5535 (Single) and NE5532(Dual) are almost identical in performance
to the LM833 (Dual) or LM837 (Quad)

The only major difference is that the NE5534 (Single) is a quasi
un-compensated op-amp. Rather like an LM301 (I think)

That is to say, It's frequency compensated for gains below 3 (I think.
Correct me if I'm wrong) but in practice you need to use a compensating
network around it. This is great for tailoring it's specs in critical
applications but largely un-necessary when using any of the other op-amps
mentioned here.

The NE5532 and LM833 are on the whole, interchangeable. So it really comes
down to what you can get hold of.

I used LM833s traditionally because I could never get NE5532s at anything
like a reasonable price. Even in quantity. I think AUD$5 bux for a dual
op-amp is just a little on the outrageous side. No matter how quiet it is.
Where as the LM833s were costing me something under a dollar.

However I note that in some US cattledogs they're selling them both for
much the same price so it comes down to what ever you can get the best deal

You can't get an LM833 in a single or uncompensated package. So in that
case you'd need to use an NE5534. On the other hand you can't get an NE5532
in a quad package so you'd have to use an LM837.

But as a guide. I've built more mixers than I care to remember. I've used
all these things in combination. They all work. They all do a good job. If
you  really really need to have the highest possible quality microphone
solution you might opt for  using an SSM2017 as the mic pre-amp. Other than
that, use any of the above for any job in a standard mixer and it'll be
just fine.

What else? Oh yeah. A bit of a disclaimer. There are some new fandangled
audio op-amps I haven't tried. Like this mythical OP-07. They're spoze to
be shit-hot. If you can get hold of those sorts of things at a reasonable
price they're probably worth looking at. I can't get hold of them easily so
I've never looked into them.

In practice these days though, the best tends to cost no more (and
sometimes less) than the worst. For example a 741 now costs more than an
LM833. Why would you want to use one? If a circuit specifies a couple of
741s, or even a TL082, You can generally just whack in an 833 in it's
place.  (assuming you're designing the circuit board from scratch of
course) Unless, as someone previously pointed out, that the original
circuit was designed around the characteristics of that op-amp. 

In a mixer this is very unlikely. Back in the dim dark days it was a case
of. "You mean this is the best we can expect? Wish we had a real audio
op-amp. I guess those LM301s will just have to do then." And for anyone
who's ever had to use an LM301 in an audio circuit. My condolences.

Hope this helps.

Be absolutely icebox.

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