Cheap scope for new DIY'ers

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>     I've been thinking of getting  an oscilloscope lately seems like a
> really useful tool for examining what is going on in your curcuits. The
> problem is that I really don't know what to look for? Anyone care to give
> the novice a some suggestions on what to look for in a scope?
>     Originally I thought to look for a used one but I am not sure where to
> look.
> --M

Hi Mitch and others.

Lately I've been looking for a scoope too.
The old one is a '64 tube based single beam DIY scope, didn't build it my
self thoug,
guess electronics skills where not up to sniff at age minus3 (:-)).

After some shoping around i selled for a PC based scope(s).
They are awefully complete, including data logging, RMS and spectograf
For less than $500 there are completely galvanic serperated units that go up
to 2channels at 4MHz.
The only draw back is the limmeted speed, the fastest unit i found did
We do mainly audio here so 4MHz sample rate is fine.

The second "new" scope is very nice too.
An old XT with a 16 soundcard and software.
Samplerate tops out at 48KHz, but it has al the advanced functions!! at a
$20 price tag (shareware).

'Course there are a lot of situations where this solution won't do, still
you might want to check it out.

Cheers Theo.

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