Cheap scope for new DIY'ers

mitchell mitch at
Wed Mar 22 11:11:08 CET 2000

    I've been thinking of getting  an oscilloscope lately seems like a
really useful tool for examining what is going on in your curcuits. The
problem is that I really don't know what to look for? Anyone care to give
the novice a some suggestions on what to look for in a scope?
    Originally I thought to look for a used one but I am not sure where to


Buck Buchanan wrote:

> Hi all,
> Seems like there's always new DIY'ers looking for that first scope.
> Ok, lemmi say right off that I've never seen this thing but it looks
> suspiciously like the Protek's I've seen at Fry's... seem ok for a cheap
> scope.
> Just wanted to let those interested know that web-tronics is selling a
> NEW basic 2 channel 30MHz machine for $289USD.  I'm sure it's not the
> greatest thing in the world but miles better than nothing and possibly
> better than something that should be fantastic but isn't due to wear and
> intermitency (those cheap, untested, uncalibrated Tek 465s all over... a
> GREAT gamble if you win, TOTAL bummer if you lose).
> Here's the web site:
> C-ya,
> Buck

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