Favorite quad op-amps for synth design?

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Wed Mar 22 08:28:03 CET 2000

Y-ellow Buck 'n' y'all.
	One more thing. You asked why people tend to use duals instead of quads.
There are two reasons for this. 1 is board lay out flexibility and the
other is the economy of scale.

Firstly, if you're having trouble fitting all your components round a quad
package then it's probably better to use 2 dual packages instead and spread
it out like.

>From a manufacturing/costing point of view, if board space isn't a big
issue in the particular design, it works out cheaper to buy a bucket load
of one component type (package) than it does to buy 2 different types which
do basically the same job.

In production you might get 10 cents per op amp using 10,000 dual package
in a production run. On the other hand you might get 11 cents having to
split that over a combination of quads and duals. If this is  not going to
kill your board space expenditure then you may as well use one package type.

You could go so far as to try and use an audio op-amp for other duties
around the home if the economies of scale and application warrants it.
Sometimes you might see an audio op-amp used for something you consider to
be a waste of a good component. But when the economies of scale are
factored in it probably makes sense.

If you follow me.

It makes more sense to buy a lot of one thing and get it cheaper than to
buy lots of different things  just because it seems more esthetically
pleasing from a design point of view.

Hope this helps.

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