Cheap scope for new DIY'ers

Buck Buchanan voltagecontrolled at
Wed Mar 22 07:42:42 CET 2000

Hi all,

Seems like there's always new DIY'ers looking for that first scope.

Ok, lemmi say right off that I've never seen this thing but it looks
suspiciously like the Protek's I've seen at Fry's... seem ok for a cheap

Just wanted to let those interested know that web-tronics is selling a
NEW basic 2 channel 30MHz machine for $289USD.  I'm sure it's not the
greatest thing in the world but miles better than nothing and possibly
better than something that should be fantastic but isn't due to wear and
intermitency (those cheap, untested, uncalibrated Tek 465s all over... a
GREAT gamble if you win, TOTAL bummer if you lose).

Here's the web site:  



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