Favorite quad op-amps for synth design?

Harry Bissell harrybissell at prodigy.net
Wed Mar 22 05:10:16 CET 2000

Oh yeah... one more thing.... spend the five hours with the catalogs
anyway... Its
great learning. I like to photocopy the sheets out so I san lay them
Even take the databooks to bed with you. Piss off the wife, 'eh ??? (if you
have/still have one)


Buck Buchanan wrote:

> Hey folks,
> Before I spend the next 5 hours with a floor full of catalogs,
> databooks, and selection guides...
> I'm wondering what the general opinion here is about use of quad op-amps
> in new designs.  Seems like there's been a certain degree of disdain for
> them in general.  I've typically stayed away from them just for sake of
> being able to swap so many types (as w/duals and singles).
> But it seems like by the time I've packed all the features I want into a
> design, there's enough op-amps (and shrinking board space) to justify
> using quads for *certain* duties.  Parts like the LM324, XR4136, and
> LM3900 Norton seem pretty common but are there some "standard/common"
> units that are a little more modern, have a standardized pin out, or
> better performance?
> So I'm wondering if anybody's got some favorites that are roughly
> equivalent to the following singles and duals:
> LF412 - Concern being very good drift and low offset.
> OP07 - As per above when need better offset.
> xx5532 - Low noise audio.
> xx1458 - cheap, low tol, for the rough stuff.
> Suggestions/opinions on parts as well as quads in general are greatly
> appreciated.
> Buck

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