My first PCB...

Roel Das Roel.Das at
Wed Mar 22 03:44:48 CET 2000

Anyone got too much time, and is willing to take a look at the PCB's I made
for my endwork project?
I never did this before, I'd love to know how bad or good it is. It's made
in eagle lite...  Eagle doesn't give any design errors(Only a few off-grid
errors, when the grid is on 0.05. Some lines were drawn in a 0.025 grid, to
keep distance up a little...), but I guess the software on my computrer has
about as much experience as me. :-)

Just let me know if you wanna give it a shot, and I'll send you the files.
Not that I expect anyone to have the time actually, but it's worth a try...

Thanks alot.

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