FatMan and Arpeggio

Rory McDonald rmcdonald at viewtech.com
Mon Mar 20 18:27:45 CET 2000

The Fatman does not have an arpeggiator built in; but with a sequencer (any
MIDI seq will do) you can arp all you want.
The best things about the Fatman are that is relatively cheap, has MIDI/CV
built in, and is easy to build.
-Rory Mc Donald

I was visiting the webpage for Paia, and I was listening to the clips of the

sounds that the FatMan can make. One of these is Arpeggio, and, I was
if the FatMan itself can make that sound? Or was it done with a sequencer?

I'm not very famliar with synths yet, so, please do no think that I am being

sarcastic. I am just curious. 

After reading the FatMan page, I gathered the idea that you can use the 
SEQ-303 program to control the fatman, is this correct? 

I did order the kit for the FatMan, with the desktop case, and I am anxious 
to see what I will learn during and after I build it. I have a Roland
and I want to see if there is a way to synchronize the SEQ-303 and the 
TR-707. I am assuming that this is possible, I think. However, I am not
Will someone correct me if I am wrong? If I am right, will someone

You can e-mail me privately at bonovox9 at aol.com

any replies will be much appreciated.
thank you very much.

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